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New! JP Arm Chair

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Size (L x W x H)
46.5L (24.75 base) x 15.5W x 34H
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The JP Arm Chair, like Joe's original, looks, feels and gives one of Joe's best Pilates workouts. The chair is 46.5" long, (24.75 base), 15.5" wide, and 34" high. It takes up very little space and can used both in the studio and at home. Any advanced Pilates teacher can affirm how effective and important this addition is to your daily workout. All orders come in black or ivory upholstery unless otherwise specified custom color by the customer.

  • The JP Arm Chair comes with a pair of baby arm springs and leather handles with wood dowel grips.
  • Adjustable padded back rest moves forward and backward allowing for correct positioning.
Use and Maintenance

Teague Pilates Equipment is designed for the Classic Pilates method. It is recommended that it be used for the Classic Pilates method of exercise and that anyone using the equipment be supervised by a qualified Pilates Teacher. Improper use of the equipment can cause serious injury. It is the owner’s responsibility to keep this equipment in safe working condition and to make sure that anyone using the equipment has been properly trained to do so. The warranty of this equipment is only good for the original owner. The owner of this equipment is responsible for unsupervised use which results in injury regardless of transferred ownership or equipment location.