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S-Chair Single Pedal w/ Handles

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Size (L x W x H)
30L x 20W x 24H
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The S-Chair Single Pedal with Handles is 30" long, 20" wide, and 24" high. The seat 15"x 20", and comes standard as follows:

  • Frame sides and base are made with extra thick one inch birch.
  • Seat and base have 2" cut out for easy access to Classic Pilates exercises from rear.
  • Seat Pad is covered w/ medium foam.
  • Two heavy springs w/ 6 position adjustments. (Allows for adjustments for all Classic Chair exercises).
  • 6 each quick change spring tension adjustments.
  • Extra wide Foot Pad is padded and upholstered.
  • Two 48" pole and wood dowel handle grips with tie down adjustment knobs. Handles are delivered separately.
Other Options
  • Chair wheels for moving chair around easily.
  • Split Pedal w/ single or double pedal use.
  • High Chair back (also known as the Electric Chair conversion).
  • Three each - 24" x 18" posters of Joseph Pilates demonstrating over 40 Classic Pilates Chair exercises.
Use and Maintenance

Teague Pilates Equipment is designed for the Classic Pilates method. It is recommended that it be used for the Classic Pilates method of exercise and that anyone using the equipment be supervised by a qualified Pilates Teacher. Improper use of the equipment can cause serious injury. It is the owner’s responsibility to keep this equipment in safe working condition and to make sure that anyone using the equipment has been properly trained to do so. The warranty of this equipment is only good for the original owner. The owner of this equipment is responsible for unsupervised use which results in injury regardless of transferred ownership or equipment location.